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Запись вебинара:


Спецификация  TR-069

Спецификация TR-098

Спецификация TR-181

Официальный сайт Genie ACS

Дамп опроса CPE

Инструкции по настройке и автоматизации процессов в Genie ACS:

Инструкция по установке Genie ACS 

Автоматическое обновление прошивки SNR-CPE с помощью GenieACS

Автоматическое присвоение Tags и их использование в GenieACS

Способы смены настроек на SNR-CPE с помощью GenieACS

CWMP Events:

0 BOOTSTRAPInitial boot. Also occurs after a factory reset. 1 BOOT event is usually present as well.
1 BOOTCPE was powered up or reset.
2 PERIODICPeriodic inform from CPE. Interval specified in InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.PeriodicInformInterval
4 VALUE CHANGEEvent code is present if one of the active or passive notification parameters has changed since the previous inform
6 CONNECTION REQUESTSession was established due to connection request by ACS
7 TRANSFER COMPLETEPresent when CPE has successfully uploaded or downloaded a file. Example of download would be firmware/config upgrade
8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETEUsed when reestablishing connection to ACS after completing diagnostic test initiated by ACS
9 REQUEST DOWNLOADIndicates that the session was for the CPE to call the RequestDownload method
M RebootCPE rebooted upon request of ACS
M DownloadA content download previously requested by the ACS using the Download method. 7 TRANSFER COMPLETE should be present as well.


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